Monday, June 16, 2008

India Potluck

Since the travelers to India have not all met Jill hosted a Indian potluck at her home in East Falls. There are 14 of us traveling 12 girls and 2 guys- Corina husband (who is only there half the time) and Doug! We have such a great crew of people from all ages and races who have so much to bring with 2 things in common a love of Yoga and a desire to travel halfway around the world to India.
The potluck inspired me to do some Vegan Indian cooking so i created a Chana Masala( spicey chickpeas) with Spinach and Gobhi (cauliflower) Curry. Both turned out great. But i especially loved the masala with the Gram Masala spice- my new favorite. There was other great food- 2 dals, tofu cakes, naan, rice, carrot salad, chickpea snacks. This was my plate. The food was great. Jill gave us some great travel tips when traveling to India- the Highlights- get a faux wedding ring, wear dark sunglasses, cover up, bring toys or pennies for the kids, remember the 5 Ps when eating. I am so excited.

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