Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trader Joes

I am not a huge fan of trader joes but everyonce in a while if i am walking by i will stop in. This is the one on 22nd and Market. I like their dried fruit. It is usually pretty reasonable. ANd i like to try new things. This time i picked up some Dried Mangosteen and bananas actually called nothing but bananas flattened. I recommend both!
Mangosteen is not related to the mango but is an exotic fruit often called SUPERFRUIT presumed to have a combination of 1) appealing subjective characteristics, such as taste, fragrance and visual qualities, 2) nutrient richness, 3) antioxidant strength and 4) potential impact for lowering risk against human diseases. I was illegal to import but recent was legalized if you can find it and if you can affoard it at $45 a lb. IF I WAS A RICH GIRL.......
so i decided to opt for the $2.99 dried type.

The Bananas were true to the title just bananas flattened. I do not like the typical dried bananas which are deep fried and crispy. It is chewy like a fruit roll up with a pure banana flavor and at $1.29 makes a great snack. Pick some up

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