Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking for the inspiration with perspiration

So most of you wo read my blog know what has been occuring with my knee over the past few months. If not here it is in a nutshell. On the beach in Costa Rica day 2 of 8 for a yoga retreat with wake up yoga and a macaw lands on my back and i freak out and try to run away. A twist and snap I knew my menicus was torn. Made it through the rest of the week and 1 month til I couldn't take it anymore. MRI positive for lateral meniscus tear and no view of the ACL Went back to old durgeon from '01 when I did this the first time (on an inflatable obstacle course). Went under the knife for a scope and possible-menisectomy, ACL revision, or repair... Turnned out to be a lateral meniscal repair with bone grafting after old hardware removal. Walk in extension for 7 weeks... took up swimming....lifing weights and alot of life modification. Havent' worked in 7 weeks and it is a weird feeling. Have been working on my tan hard. I have been looking for the inspiration due to times of depression throughout the 7 weeks. Found most of it while at the gym and pool. -The laady swimming next to me for over an hour was 90 on one side and the man on the other side had both knees replaced. - next day met a man who is in remission from cancer and works out at the gym everyday.
So many people have over come more than me, but the truth is when it happens to you it just plain old sucks and i want a pity party. The inspiration has helped but there is always that minute bit of selfishness. I am on the upswing now. Just has surgery #2 yesterday to reconstruct the ACL. Surgeon seems to feel positive, so should I......

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katie said...

hang in there lady. sounds like you're doing what needs doing to recover and heal and maintain sanity. glad the surgery went ok.