Sunday, April 13, 2008

Corn waffles with blueberry sauce and chickpea cutlets

Breakfast this morning was corn waffles with blueberry sauce. It was from VwaV minus the lemons cause i didnt have any. They were very good otherwise. The blueberries were Jersey Blueberries frozen from last season. I cannot wait until they are fresh again. Yum.

T and I cut them in half because we wanted to eat together and are too impatient to wait for the waffle iron to cook them up. Plus I like them really crunchy and the blueberry sauce was ready. I finished off 1 whole one and he finished off 2. With some coffee-decaf for me- with almond milk breakfast was complete.

After the gym I was starving and had an overwhelming desire for one of my favorite recipes from the bible- Veganomicon. CHICKPEA PATTIES. Of course with a mound of Dijon mustard. I love the stuff- could eat it on everything. I have a bottle in the fridge, one in my desk at work, a few on the shelf and have been known to have it in my purse. I stole a pressure cooker from my mom's closet and have been obsessed with the fast cooking times. Who would have thought 15 minutes for a sweet potato. I had to begin to use these up i bought 5lbs for $1.25 at produce junction last week. Hmmmm what to make for dinner tonight........

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Thanos said...

I would definitely recommend the blueberry sauce on the waffles. It was a little thick, but adding some water to it helped make it easier to spread without diluting the flavor.