Monday, April 14, 2008

My Corny weekend

Since Mondays are usually very least in my world i will sum up the weekend. Fridays yoga class was on hold due to increasing back pain. I watched the Simpson's Movie instead- talk about mind captivating. A guilty weakness- reminds me of childhood watching with bro and dad with mom saying how stupid it was but secretly laughing.
I made Susans Mini crustless tofu quiches from FatFreeVegan on sat morning for breakfast- mine were filled with portabellos, orange pepper, and onion. They were delish. The recipe said it would make 12 but mine only made 8. I think i should get those silicone thingies because mine stuck pretty bad---but still good. They are light and airy so you can eat a bunch- we polished them off with fruit, coffee, and freshly made OJ.
Lunch was at Azure in Northern Liberties.

Review- Seitan Enchiladas with black beans and rice----flavor was great but could have used more filling the CORN tortillas could have used more stuff.

-The mojito was weak and the mint was not muddled--but they were $4 on the
brunch menu

-Seitan tips were delishious with an aoili sauce and flour tortillas

- Wait staff and service was slow and VERY opinionated.... telling us we have K9 teeth!

I would reccomend it and would travel back again if in the neighborhood.

Sat night was Helium comedy Club with the funny RODNEY LANEY

You know my saturday was creating this amazing blog, Corn waffles, chickpea patties ..... With a dinner of leftover Tamales from Veganomicon that me and MOM made last weekend. Boy that recipe made a whole lot of tamales almost 25 (3 dinner with company). AND they are spicy- filled with Masa corn meal.
Followed with a Movie of Kite Runner and PopCorn.
By the way if you hadnt noticed I have recently been craving corn all the time and cant get enough of it.

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Celine said...

yum. I have yet to try these mini crustless quiches. they look fabulous, that's for sure.