Saturday, May 31, 2008

LOST with Thursday night dinner

Thanos and i had date night on thursday with a vegan meal and a bottle of wine followed by LOST. It was the season finale so it totaled to be three hours. I made the Jerk Seitan from Vegan with a Vengence. The marinade was so good- the spices were just right. I marinaded the chicken style Seitan and portabellos( my addition) overnight. With peppers and VIDALIA onions with the seitan in the left over sauce. Another great thing about being vegan you dont have to worry about raw meat and ecoli. With some bi-color corn on the cob and rosemary red potatoes we had a great meal. And some red wine- YUM. Maybe the red wine wasnt a good idea - we struggled to stay awake till the end even though it was a great episode.

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