Thursday, January 22, 2009

natural cures

I was having an issue with dandruff this week. Ewh gross I know- first time ever and I love to wear black. I guess it just is a dry scalp. I consulted my whole body friend who know loads. She told me to use apple cider vinegar on my scalp and wrap it up for 30 min. Turns out i just bought a new bottle last week! (very strange coincidence) She says it can be from a pH balance usually to acidic. I did have a diet change this week- I was eating way too much fruit = too much sugar= too much carbs. I just switched back to eating more and more greens and more protein with less fruits and carbs. Hmm we seem to think it may have been due to diet, or the 10 degree weather, or the really hot showers!! I tried it tonight and used my cucumber and almond mask from India on my face. Skin feels greats awaiting results from the apple cider viegar. Thanks for the advice! Tomorrow I am wearing Grey or is is gray??

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