Monday, February 9, 2009

2009 trends

I found this article on trends of the not fashion food.
-Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower ( I just made roasted brussel sprouts yesterday- most people are not a fan but give 'm a chance people. They are cruniferious veggies and fight cancer! proven fact to reduce cancer risk but people wont eat them. Try the cauliflower or brocolli then. My 2 fav ways to eat cauliflower are steamed and mashed with roasted garlic. Trust me good i even fooled my anti veg brother into this one. Or steamed with curry.

-Flavanols- in lots of fruits, veggies, chocolate and red wine.
-Apples- The most trusted fruit in my book. Local, sweet, hardy, travels well. What a dependable fruit. I eat one after my salad everyday for lunch. I must eat them organic though the wax on non-organic freaks me out
-Pomegranates- so 2007 but its making a comeback i guess. I found the best way to eat from Martha cut in half stick in a bowl of water and pop out the seeds. they sink the layers float.
-Fish Rich in Omega-3-Fats- No fish for me but see previous posting for vegan sources- walnuts, flax, chia seeds
-Vegetable Proteins so all food is made of 3 main sources carbs, protein and fat. Your foods are made of one of these. Veggies have protein- legumes, beans, soy products.
-Flax Pasta- Havent tried this yet. I'm not a huge pasta lover, not big on starchy carbs. let me know if you've tried and worth it
-Cooking from "Scratch"- An always in my book
-Crock Pots & One-Pot Meals- I like soups alot

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