Saturday, February 21, 2009

Victoria Secret is vegan?

They took polls and surverys to find out importance amoung its consumers- "think pink, live green" is the motto
From the press release,

"INTRODUCING PINK BODY, a unique line of skin-loving and earth-
friendly products created specifically for the pink girl. She spoke.
We listened. The result? A more personalized approach to everyday
body care using organic and vegan ingredients, powerful natural
formulas and eco-friendly packaging. With three dermatologist- tested,
solution-specific collections, each designed to pamper pink girls
from tip to toe: nourishing for dry skin, energizing for dull,
sluggish skin and soothing for extra-sensitive skin. Plus, four
additional essentials that everyone can use and love. It's all about
finding ways to look good, feel good and do a little good, too."

Good for Victoria's secret for realizing organic, vegan and bio friendly is important- I would try their products

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